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Sun Umbrella

Choosing the Ultimate Umbrella for Shade

There is no question that an attractive and strong umbrella will add a lot to any luxury spot, and make any luxury spot or home patio more authentic. Why is the sunbrella the coolest umbrella ever? What makes it better than the competition? There are many reasons why the sunbrella umbrella would make a great addition to your contemporary patio furniture setup.

All Purpose Outdoor Fabric

The sunbrella stands out from the rest of its competition because of the special sunbrella fabric that it is made from. It is the most popular fabric used for the outdoors in the United States and is quickly becoming a worldwide sensation for umbrellas. The fabric's beauty and durability is making it a must have for luxury spots and home patios alike.

The sunbrella umbrella is sold in a wide range of striking colors that will fit perfectly in any setting. The gorgeous sunbrella fabric isn't just limited to umbrellas. Sunbrella accessories and cushions are also available to go with your sunbrella, allowing you to effortlessly make your patio or luxury spot look complete and well put together.

A Long Term Solution
Unlike most umbrellas, sunbrellas can stand up to the test of time.
? A lifespan that is 10 times longer than the average umbrella, allowing it to withstand bad weather conditions for years
? Long-term fade resistance, even when directly exposed to the sun
? Inherently stain resistant sunbrella fabric, making cleaning it a breeze
Sunbrella has full confidence in their product, which is why they have a five year warranty guaranteeing a full replacement if the colorfastness and fabric durability don't hold up to expectations. This is the best warranty you can currently find in the industry.

With the wide range of colors available from Sunbrella, you have complete freedom to design your exterior room however you want, even as an extension of your interior design.

Less Color Fade
The extensive range of colors from Sumbrella can make your outdoor setting a flawless extension of your interior design. The fabrics made by Sumbrella are the key.

The norm in the industry is for outdoor fabrics to be colored by adding the dye to the surface of the fabric only. The weakness with this method is that the dye only affects the outside layer and therefore fades easily over time. Fabrics made by Sunbrella are made with 100% acrylic dye. This means the acrylic fibers are dyed, which locks the colors into the fibers, preventing color fading.

Water Repellent
There is a difference between waterproof and ?water repellent'. Sumbrella umbrellas are not only waterproof, they are water REPELLENT. During the final stages of manufacturing, sunbrella fabric is given a fluorocarbon finish, which increases water repellency. Sunbrella fabrics dry quickly as well so breathing won't be difficult.
The Best Sun Protection Available

No other umbrella has as much sun protection as sunbrella does. The top pick for the Skin Cancer Foundation, sunbrellas are known for their ability to block harmful UV rays from the sun and prevent damage to the skin. It is easy to see why Sunbrella is quickly becoming the first choice for shading over patios, pools and relaxation spots.

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