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What Kind of Patio Furniture Should I Buy?

Buying patio furniture is becoming a fad for more and more people. A proper relaxation spot needs good solid patio furniture. Whether a relaxation spot is simply a hammock under some shade, or a piece of art reflecting the interior design of the house, a basic requirement for any setup is patio furniture. Are you someone who wants the theme of your interior home design to match the theme of your house outside? Or are you a more practical person and seek something more functional for your outdoor setup? After you know that, you can more easily narrow down what kind of patio furniture to buy. Then all that's left is deciding which of the details are most important to you. With all of that in mind, here are the main pros and cons to the most well known types of patio furniture.

Steel Furniture

Stable, high durability, long lasting
Steel furniture stays put
Cleans easily

Steel furniture rusts
Discoloration with time
Preparing it and painting it is not always a simple task
Because steel is heavy, it is a chore moving steel furniture around
For the most part, steel furniture does not fold up for convenient storage
Steel can absorb a lot of heat and get very hot in the sun

Wood Furniture

Can easily be refinished when needed
Very durable
Doesn't absorb much heat
Some pieces have foldable legs to make storage simpler

Can get expensive depending on how ornate you decide to go

Aluminum Furniture

Very Durable
Won't rust
Lighter and easier to take care of than steel
Allows for powder coating of any color

Decent quality aluminum patio furniture can be very expensive
Make sure you are using stainless steel parts (screws, rivets, etc.). If the hardware parts rust the furniture structure can fall apart.

Wicker Furniture

Super lightweight


Cheap wicker can splinter and break easily
The best quality wicker isn't cheap
Can be tough to store

Plastic Furniture

Typically inexpensive
Available in a wide variety of colors and styles to match the look you're going for
Lightweight and easy to store

Plastic is not the most reliable furniture you can buy.
The last thing to consider when deciding what kind patio furniture to buy is that usually you get what you pay for. If the price seems too cheap, it most likely is.

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